Ecopayz Cashback Scheme

Ecopayz Cashback Scheme

Welcome to the Ecopayz cashback program where you can earn cashback by using your Ecopayz account to transfer money to gambling sites and other merchants.

Once your Ecopayz account is accepted onto our scheme, you will receive a generous cashback bonus each time you use your Ecopayz account to make a deposit at a casino, bookmaker, bingo site and more or by using your Ecopayz account to purchase items. The more you transact, the more you earn as the rate of cashback increases as you transfer more! Sign up below and send your details using the quick form below to apply. New & Existing customers welcome. See FAQ's below for more info.

Ecopayz VIP Membership Level: Not eligible for Ecopayz VIP
Monthly Bonus From Couponarbitrage: 0 EUR
Total Monthly Couponarbitrage & Ecopayz Bonus: 0 EUR

Your Benefits with Us

  • 0.65% Cashback
  • 0.85% Cashback
  • Instant Gold VIP Level
  • Fast Track Verification
  • Free P2P Account Transfers
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New Ecopayz Customer

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How does the Ecopayz Cashback Scheme Work?
The Ecopayz cashback scheme allows you to earn cashback on all your transactions using your Ecopayz account. All transactions qualify for cashback and the rate of cashback increases as you transfer more. 
Who is eligible to join the Ecopayz Cashback Scheme?
Every new Ecopayz customer who registers via our link is eligible to join the scheme. For existing customers, please feel free to apply and Ecopayz will assess each application on a case-by-case basis which is usually dependant on whether you have been referred by another affiliate already and your recent activity on your account.
Are any merchants excluded from the Ecopayz cashback scheme?
All merchants are included therefore you will receive cashback on all your transactions with Ecopayz
How do I view my balance and request a payment of cashback?
You can view your earnings here and request a payout here.
How does instant Gold VIP and fast-track verification work?
Once you are successfully accepted onto our Ecopayz cashback scheme, simply email with a copy of your ID and proof of address and you will be instantly upgraded to Gold VIP and fully verified.
How often will my cashback stats be updated?
Your cashback stats will be updated once-per-month. On the 7th of the succeeding month, your stats will be updated for the previous month and any cashback added to your account will be payable immediately.